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I used grit to work with President Trump to fight the swamp and champion a tax cut for our working families. Chip in today and I’ll take that same grit with me to Washington D.C. to Clean Up Congress!

5th Generation Farmer and CPA

Meet Kalena

Kalena Bruce is a conservative republican, 5th generation farmer and CPA who lives in Stockton, Missouri, along with her husband Billy & daughter Willa. Together they operate a cattle farm and are both small business owners. Kalena is active with the Missouri Farm Bureau and other agriculture organizations in her community. She has served on the Missouri Young Farmer & Rancher Committee, served as the American Farm Bureau Federation Young Farmer & Rancher Committee chair, and president of the local county Farm Bureau board. Kalena is a member of Agriculture Leaders of Tomorrow, serves as a board member for the American Foundation for Agriculture, and was part of the most recent McCloy Agriculture Leaders Mission to Germany to help open new doors for American agriculture producers.

In January 2019, President Donald J. Trump recognized and thanked Kalena for her extensive work helping the Trump Administration develop and implement the Tax Cut and Jobs Act that led to Missouri families saving upwards of $4,000 a year on their taxes.

Kalena has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Southwest Baptist University along with her CPA license and is the managing partner of the accounting firm she started 12 years ago, Integrity Squared, Certified Public Accountants.

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MIssouri governor mike parson supports kalena bruce

“I’m Proud to Support Kalena Bruce for Congress,” Governor Parson

Kalena and Blake Hurst

Blake hurst

Former president of the missouri farm bureau

“A good friend of mine and a good friend of rural Missouri, Kalena Bruce is running for Congress. She is a 5th generation family farmer, a CPA, and a leading national voice for for agriculture. Kalena worked alongside President Trump to cut our taxes by thousands of dollars. Today, Kalena Bruce has my full support in her campaign to serve us in Congress.”

Kalena and Forrest Lucas

Forrest Lucas

Founder, Lucas oil

“Kalena is one of the most impressive candidates I have ever met. She’s a fantastic wife and mother, run’s her family’s cattle farm, and owns an accounting business where she helps Missouri farmer’s manage their finances. When she gets to Congress, Biden and Pelosi won’t know what hit them!”

Trent Drake

Missouri Farm Bureau

“Kalena is a shining star in the farming communityHer common-sense Missouri values, experience as a small business owner and determination to fight for our way of life will make her an outstanding representative in the U.S. Congress.”


Agriculture and Infrastructure

We have to address our country’s crumbling infrastructure but we must do it in an economical way that addresses the root of the problems. One of the federal government’s main responsibilities beyond national defense is the creation and maintenance of a strong national infrastructure. The Joe Biden infrastructure plan is a disaster and is nothing but a re-branded attempt to pass AOC’s liberal Green New Deal that will do irreparable harm to our farmers and ranchers.

We need to get back to the basics of ensuring our highways are funded and our bridges are secure.

Constitutional Rights

Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and the liberal democrats have declared war on our 1st and 2nd constitutional rights. I am a proud defender of the second amendment rights of all Americans, and I’ll proudly stand against any unconstitutional gun grab. In Congress, I’ll work to reign in big tech and the federal government, who are working together to silence and censor our first amendment right to free speech.

I am 100% Pro-Life and will always fight to protect and defend innocent life.

AND, I’ll fight back against vaccine passports and any future attempt by Biden to pass unconstitutional mandates.

Government spending

As an accountant I’ve made a career out of balancing budgets. Congress should budget like we do in our own homes. We must get serious about reigning in federal spending and get our budget balanced. We can fund our priorities, like education, infrastructure and national security while still working to cut taxes AND maintain a balanced budget.


We have never seen an example of an enduring socialist country. Yet, too many liberal politicians today have bought into the false narrative that socialism is the way forward for our country. As a Congresswoman, I will fight back against the socialist “Squad” and work to protect the American Dream. I support free-market capitalism and will continue leading to achieve better trade deals for our farmers and producers.


We need to get kids back into the classrooms and learning in-person. While many teachers did the best they could in the wake of Covid-19, there were no systems in place to provide effective virtual learning in most districts throughout our state. We need to ensure our teachers now have the resources they need to play catch-up and provide our students with the first-class education they deserve so they can graduate and find meaningful, family-supporting employment. We also must support vocational, technical, and trade skill-based education. Many students have no desire to go to a 4-year university and are ready to get to work. We should restore appreciation and value for working the trades here in our state.

National Security

In Congress, I’ll support efforts that will:

  1. Ensure our allies trust us and our enemies fear us
  2. Foreign groups like the UN and the WHO can’t take advantage us
  3. Our financial and security interests are protected

We must make clear to our allies they can trust us. We must build strong partnerships around the world to tackle challenges together – but we must never be taken advantage of again. In congress, I’ll support our veterans and active duty service members and ensure they have access to the benefits they’ve earned.


The public health care option by Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden is not the answer. While protecting those with pre-existing conditions, we need to end the practice of surprise medical billing, lower the cost of co-payments, deductibles and prescription drugs, and put more emphasis on protecting access to health care in underserved areas. We need market-based solutions that allow insurance to be sold across state lines, drug prices should be slashed, price transparency measures implemented and competition increased. It is paramount that we create quality care at an affordable price, with partnerships between healthcare organizations, insurance companies and employers.

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